“I am president of Japanese Community Pioneer Center . I took the position in February, 2004, and started to work as volunteer president. It is every day job, and to commute there from Orange County assisted by my wife was not easy. However, I gradually found myself comfortable to work with nice ladies and Ernie Fukumoto.

At that time, Pioneer Center decided to purchase new office space. That was the occasion when I had chance to meet Mr. Ernie Fukumoto, who represented the construction company. I had many problems in health. I had bladder cancer, glaucoma, after effect of shingles, and heart problems. So I was under the care of many doctors. He approached me and kindly mentioned he will take care of my health by way of "Chi Gong." I accepted it and he started to treat me mostly twice every week for about 30 minutes in each session. When Master Fukumoto starts the magic, I became sleepy, then gradually felt warm and hot, and woke up comfortable and refreshed. However, it took a long time since I notice the change of my health. Maybe in a year or so, I felt well and happy. After a year and half, my friends told me my face turned red and healthy looking. Of course, I continue to visit doctors, even though the symptoms showed great improvement. The surgery of bladder cancer performed usually a couple times in a year, but no cancer appeared in my bladder for already over a year. Eyesight also improved. Some feeling came back in my left foot. Blood pressure showed much improvement. Those good symptoms tell me that my health is better condition.

All of this, I owe Master Fukumoto. I don't hesitate to recommend everybody to try to restore health condition by his ‘Chi Gong.’”

Shinta Asami - February 2006

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