“ It has been nearly four years since my first experience with Ernie and his Qi Gong , and my rather remarkable recovery from hepatitis C and the interferon treatment. Since that time, I have been a witness and a participant in many his healing like experiences.

Back in October 2005, I was the fifth month of my hepatitis treatment and was extremely ill when Ernie began sharing Qi energy. His practice seemed silly, but sincere, and since I was so sick, I welcomed the entertainment value of his practice. However, in two weeks, I was totally symptom free of all interferon side-effects.

Although they’re maybe other individuals who have been symptom free of their interferon treatment, I have not heard of any cases. Not only was I immune to the side effects of interferon, my blood test (Sed rate) continued to improve to near normal levels. My medical doctor who was treating me was amazed at my blood scores and wondered if I was still taking the interferon medication. I total him that I was getting Qi from Ernie, and he became interested, so we made arrangements for Ernie and my doctor to meet. I continued the interferon treatment for another 6 months, did not miss a day of work, and had absolutely no side effects; not tired, no flu symptoms, no brain fog, no depression, no coughing, no stress , and when I think about it was one of the best times of my life. Think of that.

In the years since my recovery, I have witness others who have benefited from Ernie’s energy. Generally, other medical professional and MD’s were also witnesses to their recovery and gave Ernie credit or partial credit to the sometimes amazing medical observable occurrences.

Ken Takemoto

Ken Takemoto - January 19, 2009

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