“ Dear Ernie,

Wanted to let you know that I'm walking without pain and riding my bike over 10 miles per day. Your "Chi" treatments did the cure. I suffered sciatica in my left leg for over a month when we started "long distance" healing. Good medical services in Tibet is hard to find. I couldn't get an x-ray following a bike accident and my lower back immobilized me. Getting up and walking was painful. An old Tibetan chiropractor aligned my vertebrae by pushing them into place. OUCH! He told me to rest on a very firm mattress, take aspirin for pain and no exercise.

So, for a month, I slept on a Chinese mattress (like a board) or sat on the floor. The pain remained. Then, I remembered you treating me for headaches and the flu and we decided to see if your "Chi" could reach me in China. Still feel a tingling in my foot that I can't explain, but it worked. I'm back! Domo.

Peter, Sansei in Tibet"

Peter Takeuchi (living in Lhasa, Tibet) - August 8, 2010

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