Gong is the key that helps us to temper our desire to “control” how our brain communicates with our body; it is the skill that gives us the confldence not to interfere in the natural communication process. Gong helps us learn a new way of thinking and feeling and living. It is a powerful and creative technique that helps us to connect and direct our Qi in positive and regenerative ways.

This is why I like to reverse the characters (gongqi or 功気). I like to think about ways to cultivate (Gong, 功) the skills that allows our bio-magnetic life energy (Qi, 気) to flow freely. To be sure, Qigong exercises have been an important part of Chinese medicine for over 5,000 years, encouraging people to see and understand how energy and matter influence each other in dynamic ways. My role is to help you learn gentle exercises that include soft, non-impact movements that promote self-healing. I see myself as a person who can direct you toward a way of thinking and feeling that will promote patience and perseverance, that will correct gradually your normal posture, and that will lead to smoother more natural breathing patterns. The exercises are not difficult, but they cannot be rushed. Health comes from smooth, unhurried, and natural breathing and exercising.

To be a bit more precise, Qigong relies on what the Chinese refer to as YI (意 or the power of intention). Yi stimulates effective breath training in order to harness skills that promote a powerful self-healing. By strengthening one’s Qi and properly focusing one’s Yi, a person will naturally allow the Shen (神 or “spirit”) to arise. Qigong, then, relies on the dynamic relationship between Qi, Yi, and Shen. In other words, Yi (意) is what directs the Qi (気) in effective and beneficial ways. Without it, the Qi becomes ineffectual; but with the proper training and a full commitment to Yi, the Qi becomes a more powerful and formidable force that marshals the accumulated power of the Qi into a concentrated and intensely focused Shen (神) or “spirit.” By developing and maintaining the optimum balance between one’s Qi, Yi, and Shen, a person’s physical immune system begins to operate at maximum capacity. This, in turn, prevents the body from wasting precious energy in trying to cope with the stresses of modern life. Qigong is a way to cultivate a healthy, stress-free life. It allows the body’s


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