A friend recently asked me out of curiosity about Qigong energy healing. The following was the simplest answer I could come up with:

Qigong: Your body is an intricate organism operating on a chemical/electrical energy system. When you are born this system is perfect. With the passing of time, this system becomes compromised due to physical and mental conditions. When your once perfect system becomes compromised, your immune system which normally operates efficiently fighting off colds, viruses, infections, and even cancer cells, falls behind in its housekeeping duties and illness and sickness appear.

I have been blessed (I recently found out that my grandfather on my mother's side was a healer) with the ability to project energy, something like a biological battery recharger. What I do is basically project energy into the subject patient in order to bring back and strengthen the compromised immune system. This energy boost promotes your own immune system’s manufacturing its own powerful human steroids and healing hormones.

I am not a miracle worker or magician. I just project energy into the patient and HOPEFULLY the patient's immune system is strengthened enough to combat the immediate problem. There is no doubt that the energy boost helps the patient. The only question is whether and how much boosting is enough to remedy the specific situation. That question, only time can tell. Therefore, I do not profess to be a miracle worker or guarantee any results. I explain that I only assist and help the patient help themselves.

Each session is about 30 minutes. I treat my patients in their home, office, or many times in the hospital or convalescent home.


photo by FSLiau

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