Class Testimonials

“I can't begin to tell you how wonderful Ernie' Qi Gong Exercise Class is.

One instance I had a frozen shoulder - very painful and I couldn't move my arm barely at all. Went to see an Orthopaedic Surgeon since I was in such a bad state. Who refered me on to a Physical Therapist and it would take about 6-8 weeks of therapy at a cost that would be difficult for me.

I decided to be very focused on attending Ernie's class before scheduling any therapy to see if his exercise would help. My aunt and uncle are both in Ernie's class and my aunt said she felt so bad for me as to the exercises where we lift arms I couldn't do it. Within a couple of weeks I had movement in my arm and in a short time after that - my arm was perfect and has been since. The Gi Qong exercises and Ernie helped me tremendously.

Neither my aunt and uncle have a computer so I'm going to put in a word for them also- my aunt is in her late 70's and my uncle is 80. They swear by the Gi Qong class - my uncle is very religious about doing his exercises every day. They feel that they are as healthy as they are at their ages because of this exercise class.

Much of the success of the Gi Qong Exercise class is because of it's teacher - Ernie. He is such a master of his art. He has such a calming and sincere presence.. He is generous of his knowledge and skills to help others. He is giving of his time and energy. His class would have a positive impact on Teramachi and it's image to the community. Thanks!”

Wendy Fujihara Anderson


photo by FSLiau

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