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“ To Whom it May Concern: It has been my good fortune to learn about Qi Gong and experience its benefits through the instructor Ernie Fukumoto and his class at the Pasadena Japanese Cultural Institute. My comments are based on three years of attendance at his class.

I give Ernie Fukumoto my highest recommendation as an instructor of Qi Gong, and I am grateful for his sharing of this valuable, therapeutic exercise with any/all interested students..

As a teacher, Ernie has earned the respect and admiration of his students for many reasons. Ernie works well with all of his diverse students. His class reflects a wide age range- from young adults in their 20¢s to senior citizens in their 80¢s. One of his oldest students is severely visually impaired. Ernie is patient, kind, and clear in his instruction.

The proof of his effectiveness is the level of comfort and interest shown by his students. Many of the members of his class have attended his class for more years than I have. Very importantly, he is highly responsible. He has never been late to the class; in fact, he always arrives early to prepare for the class and to assist students who seek his help. And, he has never been absent or had to cancel class.

He has fostered a sense of community, camaraderie and trust. We have had numerous pot-luck luncheons after the class session, and members have participated in Qi Gong demonstrations at the Cherry Blossom Festival and at the JCI bazaars. Although I have moved to San Diego, I attend his class twice a month for its health benefits.

Qi Gong promotes well-being through its breathing techniques and low-impact movement. I have gained improved circulation and a greater sense of relaxation. Also, I can boast that I have not had a cold or flu in three years. This fact is even more impressive given my stressful responsibilities with elder-parent-care and, now, babysitting. The kids always have colds.

I believe that the Eastern approach to well-being presented by Qi Gong and Ernie Fukumoto are highly beneficial, and I would recommend his class to everyone.”

Kay Ochi Retired LAUSD teacher (32 years) - October 21, 2008


photo by FSLiau

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