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QiGong with Ernie

Pasadena Japanese Cultural Institute
595 N. Lincoln Ave. Pasadena, 91103


Contact Ernie Fukumoto at (213) 625-9934

Qi Gong is a process of self-readjustment and self rejuvenation used around the world in strengthening and preservation of health, development of peaceful, calm mind, and treatment of illnesses. Qi Gong, literally meaning “ energy work”, is the practice of utilizing the “life force - Qi” (energy) within one’s self to improve one’s physical and mental health. The Chinese traditional view of body focuses on channels or meridians that flow through the body somewhat analogous to the circulatory system. Good health is defined in terms of a proper balance of Qi forces within the body. Wei Tuo Qi Gong is a form or school of Qi Gong. The Eight Minute Drill and related advanced drills are part of the Wei Tuo Qi Gong curriculum. Master Si Tu Jie is the 10th heir of the Wei Tuo Qi Gong lineage and is responsible for bringing this form of Qi Gong from China. My exercise class owes a debt of gratitude to Master Si Tu Jie and Jonathon Snowiss the 11th heir to the Wei Tuo Qi Gong Lineaage based out of Claremont, CA.

The explanation of Qigong that I share here is specific to the Qigong classes that I teach. As a student of Qigong, on my path of learning and developing my knowledge and skills, I find that I know less and less of this infinite subject of Qigong.


photo by FSLiau

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