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I heard the word Qigong for the first time in 1995. I was working as a financial planning advisor and a client, 75-year old Richard Suzuki, told me that he received treatments for his arthritis from a Chinese Qigong Master. He also said that he took his wife for Qigong treatments to help her control high blood pressure levels. This took me by surprise. In fact, I could not believe what he was telling me.

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When I regained my composure, I slipped back into my role as his financial advisor and blurted out: “Richard, you have to be kidding me. I can’t sit back and watch you waste your retirement income on pseudo-scientific healing treatments. You’re crazy if you think that some guy who just waves his hands around can make your arthritis go away!”

Over twelve years have passed since I summarily dismissed Richard Suzuki’s belief in the healing powers of Qigong. At present, I continue to study under two Qigong masters, and my life has changed completely. Encouraged by positive results from Qigong treatments that I have administered to people, my training has intensified. Early in my training, both masters encouraged me to consider a life dedicated to helping people in pain. Around this time, my mother confided that her father had also served as a kind of healer. “Why are you telling me this now?” I asked. “I am over fifty years old and you never mentioned this to me before! Why now?” She replied simply: “I didn’t think you would believe me. I figured that you would just laugh at me and tell me that I was just a foolish and deluded person.” Well, she was neither foolish nor deluded since there is no denying my connection to my grandfather. Now, perhaps because of these wonderful connections, I find myself living the life of a healer.

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